We at Quarry Road have as our winemaking philosophy to produce wines that consumers love to drink. We don't get overly clever or funky - we let the grapes do the talking.

Our wines have minimal intervention to allow for the uncomplicated expression of what the varietal has to offer so:


Sauvignon Blanc

This is NZ's flagship variety for very good reason. Whilst this grape is grown in many many countries it is universally accepted that Marlborough produces the worlds most intense aromas and flavours. The grassy, pungent nose is followed by zingy, crisp fruit notes ranging from the tropical passionfruit end of the spectrum to the flinty gooseberry style. This wine explodes out of the glass, grabs you by the face and demands to be drunk!



Deep ruby in colour, the east coast of NZ is perfectly suited to growing red wines of ripe, earthy fullness. The nose is blackcurrant and smokey oak, the palate is rich and mouthfilling. Smooth tannins from the French oak maturation add to a very classy wine indeed.



Possibly the worlds most well known variety, Chardonnay is incredibly versatile. Our version is a ripe, well-structured wine showing melon and peach notes. 50% malolactic fermentation and judicious use of French oak maturation gives a balanced, soft wine with generous mouthfeel.



Pinot Noir 

Internationally, Pinot Noir is best suited to cool-climate viticulture. In certain regions of  NZ, this plays right into our hands. Our Pinot Noir has an extraordinary nose of cherries and vanilla. Cigar box aromas from oak maturation underlay a vibrant palate that is fruity beyond belief and silky, satiny smooth.


Pinot Gris

 Known also as Pinot Grigio, this is a challenging little grape to grow well. Fortunately our Pinot Gris partner vineyards are superb at doing just that, and the result is sublime. A subtle, soft-textured wine, it is ideally suited to be drunk as an aperitif, lightly chilled.